Why We Need to Assess Technology Based on Possibilities, Not Features

There’s an interesting dichotomy playing out in the tech sector. As all companies become tech companies and offer digital solutions to their customers, it’s vital that we remember to continue prioritizing what tech can achieve over what it can do. In other words: we need to focus on how technology can be used to solve unique business challenges.

When investing in or implementing any new technology, the focus should to be on the challenge that needs to be solved and the goals that need to be met – not the individual products, features, or tools that solve them.

More often than not, leaders in accountancy firms will be non-technical individuals who really need to understand the value of the product more so than how it works. They want to know how it reduces admin, frees up time, or helps them reach new markets, not about the intricacies of SDKs or APIs.

This change is good. Products are being vetted and selected based on the immediate, tangible benefits they bring to the organization—and it’s pushing accountancy leaders to consider which problems their own products and services solve.

In turn, businesses are becoming increasingly critical about what makes the most sense for their customers and their teams. They want to build custom solutions that really meet their needs, and this is where Power Platform helps both accountants and Microsoft partners shine.

Power Platform was designed to address a significant breadth of business challenges, and it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of accountancy firms that have one-of-a-kind, complex problems requiring automation or a custom application. It gives you the opportunity to solve any problem a business line may be struggling with. It doesn’t just offer a single product or feature, it becomes the answer to all of your tech obstacles.

With Power Platform, accountancy firms don’t need to find the perfect fit product for every single business need. Instead, their larger need becomes agile tech and the solution is our suite of tools.

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