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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Make Data Driven Decisions 

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process that collects, integrates, analyses and presents key information to drive better decision-making – transforming raw data into meaningful insights. With the right implementation, business intelligence can be a powerful tool to create actionable and insightful information that guides an organisation’s strategic and tactical business decisions.

At Hikari, we work with you to implement a custom solution using Microsoft Power BI, an industry-leading cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Power BI, the analysis and insights component of the Microsoft Power Platform, provides access to rich, interactive visuals through a customisable dashboard, which in turn offers an immediate and singular view of your overall business performance. Using Power BI, we can combine hundreds of on-premise and cloud data sources (e.g. D365, SalesForce, Excel, Google analytics) and create custom, interactive visuals and reports, allowing you to collaborate with key stakeholders inside and outside your business.

We take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI to prepare data, build machine learning models, and quickly find insights from both structured and unstructured data.

With Power BI mobile, you can have a 360-degree view of your data – whenever, wherever, thanks to native app integration on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Benefits of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics:

  • View core key performance indicators and metrics at a glance, facilitating fast decision-making
  • Make confident business decisions using state of the art analytics
  • Get unparalleled Excel integration, saving time and resources
  • Get a cost effective way to offer BI and analytics capabilities to everyone, to drive a data-driven culture across the organisation
  • Share and collaborate on the go with self-service data visualisation
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