For businesses seeking simple solves to complicated problems

Hikari leverage the latest automation and data technology to create low-code, agile solutions that exceed expectations.


Enable data driven decision making

We use the industry-leading capabilities of Microsoft Power BI to transform your raw data into real-time, valuable information.

We analyse your data to discover meaningful insights and display the results in stunning visuals within a range of reports and dashboards that are designed specifically for your organisation.

This accessible business intelligence empowers everyone in your organisation to discover their own insights hidden in your data, the up-to-the-minute analytics enables everyone to make confident business decisions.

Increase process efficiency

Our team of experienced consultants can examine the processes within your organisation and identify areas for improvement.

Taking a holistic approach to your individual processes, our consultants will use their expertise and toolkit of methodologies to help you implement improvements and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Having streamlined, efficient processes will help you to monitor and control the quality of your operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

Automate workflows

We use Microsoft Power Automate, the next generation of automation, to revolutionize your process workflows.

We leverage Power Automate’s artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to convert your repetitive, paperless processes into automated workflows that integrate with your data.

This automation of workflows enables you to focus your attention, time and resources on more important areas of your business.

Customised applications

We use Microsoft Power Apps to design and build applications that meet your exact needs.

We allow you to be innovative and solve business problems by taking your ideas and challenges, and creating customised apps that interact with your data.
The web and mobile apps will do exactly what you want them to, look precisely as you want them to, and work on all devices.

Using customised apps can simplify and optimise your business processes, and increase productivity.



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