Microsoft Business Value Assessments

Hikari in partnership with Microsoft are delighted the announce the launch of our Power Platform Business Value Assessments

These Assessments are designed to educate & inform you of the benefits of introducing process automation, business intelligence, low code apps & chatbots to your business. This is a great opportunity for you to finally solve those niggling business challenges like time-consuming processes, manual interactions, and administrative bottlenecks that you have wanted to investigate but just didn’t know where to start.

After the assessment you will receive a full 360-degree report, which consolidates all of the feedback we receive from your team.  The results will highlight the opportunities and challenges in your business that will benefit the most from introducing automation and or low code solutions into the organisation, indicating how they will have a significant positive impact on your business, now and into the future.

A typical business value assessment would involve evaluating your current business’s processes, and workflows. It includes:

  1. Current State Analysis: Assessing the current state of processes and workflows within the business, noting the challenges and opportunities identified.
  2. Goal Definition: Defining specific business goals and objectives, such as increasing productivity, reducing costs, or improving customer satisfaction.
  3. Gap Analysis: Identifying the gaps between the current state and the desired goals. This involves understanding what the business needs to achieve and what it currently lacks.
  4. Solution Recommendations: Recommending the ideal products and services that can help bridge the gaps and achieve the desired goals.
  5. ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis: Estimating the potential return on investment, which involves calculating the cost savings, revenue increase, or other benefits the business can expect by implementing the recommended solution.


Our expert process consultants have carried out a number of these assessments so far this year,  the findings have the potential to be transformational for every client. Contact Us today if you would like to take part in a Business Value Assessment and start the journey to digitally transforming your business.


Hikari are a Microsoft Gold Partner in data analytics with great success in implementing Power Platform projects across many industries.

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