Custom Business Applications
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Custom Business Applications

Meet your Organisation’s Unique Requirements

Custom business applications (apps) are designed to cater to your organisation’s specific needs. By functioning exactly how you want them to, they can simplify your business processes and ultimately support your organisation to operate more efficiently as it grows.

At Hikari, we use Microsoft Power Apps, a component of the Microsoft Power Platform, to connect to your business data and create customised applications to meet your exact business needs. We integrate and interact with your data, and display information in web and mobile apps that can run on all devices, allowing you to innovate quickly for fast results.


Be Innovative – Don’t let a lack of technical knowledge set you back or be restricted by what’s currently available in the market. Discuss your ideas with us and tell us about your business challenges. Using your data model as a foundation, we can build custom app solutions specifically for your needs. We can even develop a custom app to transform a manual, outdated business process into an automated, digital process.

Let us work with you to bring your ideas to life. Together, we can design your user experience and customise every aspect of your app, so it looks exactly as you like and does exactly what you want.

Seamless Integration and Easy Deployment

Benefits of a Custom Business Application:

  • Solve problems – Rethink the way you currently do business and consider how a custom app could help you to solve a business problem or overcome a challenge
  • Increase productivity – Build multiple apps to solve different business needs, so team members only see the information they need and access the tasks they must do
  • Increase job satisfaction – Tailor the apps to meet the needs of a specific task, team or individual, so users will enjoy using an app that was created just for them, focusing attention, saving time and reducing costs
  • Update manual and outdated processes with infused digital transformation

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Custom Business Applications

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