Microsoft Power Platform Needs Assessment

Hikari in partnership with Microsoft are delighted the announce the launch of our Power Platform Needs Assessments

This FREE assessment is a structured evaluation process conducted to identify and understand the requirements, challenges, and objectives of an organisation in relation to Microsoft Power Platform. Power Platform, developed by Microsoft, is a suite of business applications that enables businesses to analyse data, automate workflows, create custom applications, and engage customers more effectively.

Connect your processes, people, and data to help you do more

During the engagement, we’ll work together to help you identify the current process challenges that have the largest impact on the business and work through scenarios on how we might solve them with the use of Power Platform.

The power of imagination

Imagine the future state of your business and achieve your goals faster with Power Platform solutions that help you:

  • Transform everyday work processes
  • Increase collaborative brainstorming
  • Reduce the risk (and time) of new projects


During a Power Platform needs assessment, various aspects are typically examined:

  1. Current Processes: Understanding the existing workflows, data management procedures, and business processes within the organisation. This includes identifying manual tasks that could be automated for efficiency gains.
  2. External Drivers: Help us understand your external driver, Industry pressures, Customer expectations and Competitor forces that contribute to the challenges faced by the business.
  3. Internal Pain Points: What are your internal pain point and what effect do they have on the bottom line, and (or) employee activity.
  4. Business Impact: By conducting a thorough needs assessment, organisations can make informed decisions about how to best leverage Power Platform to streamline operations, improve productivity, and achieve their business goals effectively

What will we learn?

See many ways your organisation can improve processes and efficiency without requiring complex solutions.

Who should attend?

Include your end users, business decision makers (BDM), executive-level sponsors, managers, and other relevant staff members.

What happens after?

Our expert team will make some recommendations and issue you and your team with detailed scope of work for a solution specific to your problem.

Work with our experts to solve key challenges and unlock efficiency

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we can help you imagine a future state for your business that is more efficient and data driven. The Needs Assessment engagement begins with a review of your business process problem and ends with a clear, actionable picture of how we can help you reach your goals.

Get to know Hikari

With extensive solution development experience, Hikari can help you improve your workforce productivity by leveraging your Microsoft 365 with the Microsoft Power Platform Suite. We will work with you to understand your environment and identify where the opportunities are to achieve continuous business value from your Microsoft investments.

To book your FREE Assessment, simply hit the contact us button below, enter your email address and we will contact you.

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