How a Credit Union worked with Hikari to solve significant challenges within their Accounts Payable function.

Why continue to use manually time-consuming processes when you can simply automate them. This is exactly what our Credit Union client did when Hikari worked with them to automate a significant challenge within their accounts payable department.

For our client, the process of managing invoices was manual, time consuming and notably an inefficient process. Emails from creditors were directed to a shared mailbox monitored by the accounts payable team who were responsible for managing payment approvals to each supplier. Each invoice would then be emailed to the manager responsible for signing it off and then back to accounts payable team for payment. This manual approach not only consumed significant amounts of time but also made it difficult to track and manage invoices efficiently. The process was prone to errors, misplacement of invoices, not always auditable and lacked control. Ultimately resulting in payment delays, internal frustrations, and supplier dissatisfaction.

The Solution

With our expertise in Microsoft Power Platform, Hikari worked with the client to automate the entire process end to end revolutionising the way they handled their accounts payable process.

The solution removed all manual effort and gives the AP team a seamless, automated process where invoices are scanned and automatically forwarded to an approval queue. Approvers are then prompted with reminders to ensure timely payment approval. Queries related to invoices are easily logged in a custom application maintaining an audit trail and removing all manual effort.

It has not only streamlined the credit union accounts payable process, but it has significantly reduced manual effort by 40% and improved accuracy. Implementing Power Automate has allowed them to increase efficiency and productivity, removing delays in payments and allowing the accounts payable team to focus on other important tasks.

Automation is the use of software to perform tasks to reduce cost, complexity, and inaccuracies. It can help your organisation:

• Boost productivity and efficiency.

• Improve agility, Increase consistency and availability.

• Speed operations and development.

• Improve security and compliance.

• Focus on high-value, strategic initiatives.

Its key purpose is to help overburdened staff regain control and shift their focus from tedious day-to-day matters to strategic initiatives, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costs throughout your organisation.

Hikari are a Microsoft Gold Partner in data analytics with great success in implementing Power Platform projects across many industries.

Speak to one of our experts today to find out how you can transform your business with an automation platform that unifies your people and processes.

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