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A business intelligence platform (BI) allows you to connect to and visualise your data to gain deeper data insights. Microsoft Power BI is the analysis and insights component of Microsoft Power Platform.

Power BI is most commonly used as a data analysis and visualisation tool. Typically, the critical data you use to run your business may be held in Microsoft Excel, exports from a CRM or ERP system or a collection of databases. Power BI can connect to disparate datasets, transform, and model the data to create interactive visualisations, impressive reports and customisable dashboards personalised for your KPIs and brand within a single platform.

  • Collaborating on reports with colleagues on the same dataset is easy.
  • Connecting all your data sources with scale to analyse effectively.
  • Share insights across the organisation quickly and consistently.
  • Make real time and data-driven decisions.

With the right implementation, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool to bridge the gap between data availability and decision making to drive timely strategic action.

PowerBI Dashboard

Why businesses use Power BI Solutions 

There are so many benefits to Power BI that we can’t list them all. However, here are some of the top reasons why businesses use Power BI solutions

  • Informed Decision Making – View key performance indicators and metrics at a glance, facilitating fast decision-making.
  • Visualisation – Create interactive dashboards and reports to visually demonstrate performance against KPIs and business goals.
  • Transformation – Transform raw data from disparate spreadsheets and sources into meaningful insights.
  • 360 degree view – Collaborate and build reports with colleagues from anywhere on any device while maintaining data accuracy, consistency and security.
  • Trends and Predictions – Take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI and machine learning to prepare and analyse data, help monitor important trends and develop intelligent predictions for the future.
  • Secure Data – Keep your data protected in the cloud or on-premises with Power BI’s end-to-end data security.


Why businesses partner with Hikari to develop Power BI solutions

Hikari has a proven track record in working closely with our clients to define and deliver on their needs. We don’t just produce an out of the box solution; we work with you and our experts to develop and implement the right BI solution for your needs.We understand that now, more than ever, this is a critical part of how organisations conduct business.

Regardless of what industry they function in, every type and size of business collects data for the purpose of improving their operations, services and offering. Data is the lifeblood of strategic decision making and can lead to new innovations and helps businesses target new markets.

  • Track Sales Metrics and Key Performance Indicators – Develop a complete analysis of your sales team’s performance. Track sales pipeline data by region, team member, dates, product, or other factors. visualise leads and opportunities, see historical trends, get accurate and up to date revenue figures and much more.
  • HR Analytics – Fully integrate all HR data into Power BI. Dashboards that provide an overview of employee performance, diversity, training, leave and terminations. Enabling HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employees.
  • Financial Analysis – Provides the business with deeper insights into financial data. The ability to analysis performance month-to-date and year-to-date against specific budgets. Filtering by cost centers and drill down into general ledgers. Automated reports with immediate results.
  • Legal BI – Eliminate hours spent on manual reporting within the firm. User friendly dashboards and reports allows legal firms to track client and matter KPI’s. Visualise work in progress, fee’s, utilisation and much more.
  • Service Desk BI  – Create a single unified reporting platform through which team members can access specific information on the full incident life cycle. Provides smart and easy to use navigation. Allows teams to monitor and measure performance with full ticket analysis

Hikari are a Microsoft Gold partner in Data Analytics with great success in implementing Power BI projects across many industries.

Contact Us today to speak with one of our Power BI experts about your specific requirements.

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