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Why Automation is Your New Best Friend

“This is the way we’ve always done things” – the words that will strike fear into today’s business leaders, management teams and very often, employees. We all know the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past year 18 months but as we adjust to the world of hybrid working, there is a danger that many businesses will not change with the times. If remote working has changed the business landscape, then digitalisation should be the thing that empowers it. Incorporating digital technologies into business processes, with the goal of improving them, allows businesses to transform their operations to be leaner, more efficient and more profitable.

Digital Process Automation (DPA) is one of the smartest initiatives that a business can employ to achieve significant improvements and move away from how “we’ve always done things”. DPA is the use of technology and robotics to perform recurring tasks or processes in an organisation, where manual effort can be replaced. Ultimately helping your business to minimise costs, boost productivity, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. Think about activities in your business that just don’t make sense anymore:

  • Large, complicated Excel spreadsheets that have grown time and manage complex internal processes .
  • Paper-based transactions
  • Manual email notifications to staff members, suppliers or customers
  • Financial month-end procedures and calculations
  • Manual tracking of sales targets, orders, stock etc.
  • Export of data from internal systems in order to manually review and amend in spreadsheets
  • Manual approval processes for annual leave, health & safety etc.
  • Make real time and data-driven decisions


Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Why continue to use manual, time-consuming processes when you can simply automate them? Take care of what’s important and automate the mundane every day tasks. An automation partner can work with your businesses to streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes, allowing team members to focus their attention where it is needed most. It will ultimately empower your organisations to:

  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Improve agility and increase consistency
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Focus on high-value strategic initiatives

One of the major benefits of automation is to help overburdened employees regain control and shift their focus from tedious day-to-day matters to strategic initiatives. The knock-on effect of this is that is improves employee satisfaction and reduces costs throughout your organisation. It is also important to remember that manual processes often lead to mistakes. Take away that worry from your employees and stakeholders by automating these processes that are configured and delivered through pre-defined rules, developed and decided by you in close partnership with your automation partner.

This technology is now readily available to businesses of all shapes and sizes and can reinvigorate your business operations.  Do yourself, your business and your team members a big favour – Give Power Back to the People.

Hikari are a Microsoft Gold partner with great success in implementing DPA projects across many industries. Contact Us today to a free consultation on how Digital Process Automation can transform your business operations.

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