A New Era Means New Tech Needs for Accounting Firms

There’s a paradigm shift happening for small and medium-sized accounting businesses. Following the onset of the pandemic, we saw these companies scramble to enable remote access so that they could continue operating with their employees working from home. In most cases, IT leaders had to cobble together solutions that used their existing legacy technologies alongside collaboration tools like Teams and Microsoft 365 – but that was a band-aid solution for everyone, including accountants.

These solutions were once seen as good enough. But good enough just isn’t enough anymore.

Now, we’re all coming to terms with the fact that a lot of their existing systems need to be replaced or refined so that they can become more agile and responsive to the needs of their customers and their teams. They need to be able to compete with disruptors in their industries, and they need to be equipped to receive a new generation of tech-savvy leaders and employees that don’t have any interest in working for companies riddled with inefficiencies.

In short, to remain competitive – in every sense of the word – accountancy practices need to show that they’re forward thinking and meeting people where they are in terms of automation and seamless technology-enabled experiences. They need to identify and implement technology that helps them:

● Build professional-grade apps quickly
● Foster a data-driven culture with access to self-service analytics
● Automate repetitive, manual tasks
● Offload low barrier customer interactions

The good news is, Microsoft’s Power Platform can help accountancy firms tackle all of this and more, without a massive time investment, an external technical audit, or a months-long change management process. Not to mention that it can start saving your team time right away. In fact, at one organization, an internal business app which once took five developers five months to build was replicated by a business-line employee in a matter of weeks.

Stop stressing about the massive undertaking ahead and find out how this single platform can centralize so many of your team’s needs and set you all up for success.

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