Save at least 30% of your time producing end of month reports

Does the below sound like your typical end of month reporting process?

  1. Manually export various sets of finance data from your existing finance system into excel.
  2. Manipulate the data from multiple spreadsheets into one master sheet.
  3. Spend hours trying to spot errors, wonder why a date is showing as a number, or why a function isn’t working.
  4. Only, after hours of manual effort, you can actually start running reports from the master spreadsheet.
  5. Not to mention that at the last minute, some figures might have changed, and of course the excel sheet needs to be manually amended, only now can you actually start producing the end of month reports. Organise the data into specific general ledger codes, entities, and individual budget holders.
  6. Finally, you now need to produce your board pack and the high-level outputs for C-Level executives.

If the answer is yes then keep reading to learn how Hikari can save you at least 30% or more of the time you and your finance department spend on end of month reports.

What if we at Hikari could show you a better way that would improve the quality, speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your month end reporting process? If you are Microsoft 365 customer, you already have access to the software tools you need, that is Microsoft Power BI. A business intelligence tool that’s changing the way finance departments analysis and interrogate data. All you need is a little assistance from Hikari in setting this up, which we have done for lots of finance departments just like yours.

With the Power of Microsoft Power BI we can create a reporting environment that lets you;

  • Quickly visualise and analyse your data across multiple datasets in one click.
  • Run a series of rapid analytical tests to search for things like outliers, trends, and other insights that you simply cannot perform in excel.
  • Have access to live financial dashboards at your fingertips that allows you to monitor and track finance related KPI’s and metrics transforming how you see your business
  • Most importantly, you can automate the month end reporting process.

With all your reporting now automated for end of month you can focus more of your time on such things as:

  • Eliminating time spent migrating and manipulating data from one database or excel to the next to allow your accounting team focus on developing better insights for your business.
  • Implement better cost and cash management strategies.
  • Track and visualise business expenses and sales revenue across multiple entities
  • Produce project profitability report using data from multiple datasets.
  • Track status of accounts payables and account receivables across multiple departments in a single view.
  • Improved consolidated data via customisable KPI dashboards and reports.

Hikari are a Microsoft Gold Partner in data analytics with great success in implementing Power BI projects across many industries.

Contact Us today to speak with one of our Power BI experts about your specific requirements.

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