Business Intelligence for Today’s Modern Law Firm

Law firms are sitting on a goldmine of data which they have been collecting on a daily basis since their inception. Traditionally, the firm’s Practice Management application is the key repository for this data. It contains valuable information on fees, clients, trends, profitability, and utilisation. In today’s modern law firm partners and management teams need access to real-time performance data to drive decision-making, capacity planning and strategic priorities.


Our experience has shown that law firms barley scratch the surface of their data and business insights. Even if they tried to dig deeper many simply don’t have the skills or solutions to do more with the data that underpins the potential benefits. Business intelligence for law firms isn’t just about data from one system its collecting data from many to produce these insights. Financial, HR and practice management applications need to be analysed as a collective to give a full 360 view of the firm.


Legal BI from Hikari analyses data in a law firm’s practice management application and presents a suite of reports, dashboards and visuals that bring the firm’s data to life for partners and senior management teams. Powered by Microsoft Power BI, Legal BI replaces manually generated and static reports with dynamic and real time information from multiple data sources, allowing law firms to bring data and business intelligence into the decision-making process.


  • Real-time data insights and KPI monitoring.
  • Helping to drive profitable business.
  • Integration with multiple law firm systems and data sources.
  • Bespoke reports and Dashboards for all users based on organisational role.
  • Mobile-friendly Legal BI app.


Hikari are a Microsoft Gold Partner in data analytics with great success in implementing Power Apps projects across many industries.

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