Hikari helps Invid grow with faster onboarding of new consultants

Invid Jönköping is an IT consulting company that offers a broad range of services in business support, operations, productivity, and security. To be able to take on more and larger projects within the Power Platform, they needed an internal skills boost. Together with TD SYNNEX, Hikari has developed a training program to quickly train Invid consultants in Microsoft Power Platform based on their current knowledge and experience.

 “This can definitely help us grow,” says Stefan Timbus, Team Leader for Productivity at Invid Jönköping.

Invid Jönköping AB was started in 1995 to provide Swedish companies with user-friendly, simple, and understandable IT solutions. The ambition is to offer everything within IT as a long-term partner. They notice a high demand for developing and adapting solutions based on how different roles and individuals work with tools.

“Many companies have started digitizing, but not always streamlining. This means that the focus has shifted to looking at how people work and focusing more on the front-end than the back-end,” says Stefan.

“We needed to broaden our team to meet the demand. I talked to TD SYNNEX about needing help to develop a training program to onboard future Power Platform consultants quickly,” says Stefan.

TD SYNNEX introduced us to their strategic partner Hikari who created a training program for our consultants. Based on Hikari’s own internal training and onboarding, Invid has adapted it to its own consultant onboarding process. The goal was for consultants without experience in Power Platform to be able to start delivering simpler solutions immediately after training.

“Those who started had no knowledge of Power Platform, and the training takes the consultants to a good basic level. The training started in September, and already in November, a consultant was able to start building and delivering to the customer,” says Stefan.

Continuing to develop the training

Thanks to the training, the consultants’ basic skills are strengthened, and they can now work more independently. Many are confident in taking on a customer with mentorship from a colleague who knows the customer and manages the projects, which yields quality results.

“With this training as a pilot project, we can certainly grow. It helps us take on more and larger projects with the help of No code and Low code because we can speed up our onboarding. We will continue to develop the training and possibly also the mentoring around it,” says Stefan.

Important partnership that pushes forward

Invid has been working with TD SYNNEX since its inception, and Stefan says the partnership helps them develop.

“We get all the help we need with environmental monitoring and keeping track of which partners are strong and better than we are. All the help we get is very important, and TD SYNNEX can push us to develop even more,” concludes Stefan.

Hikari are a Microsoft Gold Partner in data analytics with great success in implementing Power Platform projects across many industries.

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